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Welcome to SMACK an Auction Watch Page. This page is meant to educate and warn buyers of possibly fraudelent memorabilia auctions listed on the internet everyday. You are welcome to have us review and post auctions so that others maybe warned. If you as a seller have been mentioned please feel free to defend yourself. Disclaimer: Anything posted here is an opinion and in no way represents that what is being offered for sale is fake, just questionable. Before You Bid Arm Yourself With Knowledge !

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Update Sellers To Be Concerned About

Now that eBay has realized that there is a problem in the Vintage Card category it is up to the consumer more than ever to help try and stop fraudulent sellers . On the right hand side of this page there is a link for reporting possibly bogus items. When you spot one simply copy the item number and click the link, there is a reporting link on the eBay page where you can just paste the number and report the auction. Also of note eBay has announced plans to add a report feature to auction pages, this will, make the reporting of such items much easier.

The scammers mostly are stopped due to listing violations in the form of authenticity disclaimers. A few of the more popular ones are:
  • I cannot guarantee the authenticity of this item, so please bid accordingly
  • I am selling this card as a reprint but, not sure
  • Because it is not graded I can not gaurantee it to be authentic
  • This card is ungraded and sold as such
  • Per eBay rules this card is ungraded and must be sold as such
The last discalimer is probably the number one violation I see in most bogus auctions There is no such eBay rule. Also note that the scammers are getting smart to the rules and are now just plain saying that the card is authentic but implying no guarantee, so be careful what you bid on. That said, this weeks list includes:

Seller: vintage-exclusives Private Feedback and a list of cards we would all like to own. And to quote this seller" Card does not seem to be original but still looks great and is not labeled as a reproduction anywhere on the card. "
Update All Items Removed Seller NARUed
1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle item#5225369071
1986 Fleer #57 Michael Jordan item# 5224544162
1954 Topps #128 Henry Hank Aaron item# 5225370047
1968 Topps #177 Nolan Ryan ROOKIE item# 5225372395
1953 Topps #82 Mickey Mantle item# 5225373147

Seller: 1stealinghome Update Seller NARUedThis seller has had numerous items removed but continues to comeback with more. This week he brings us, "Another gorgeous card from a Farm Auction that I attended"
1933 Goudey (R319) Lou Gerhig #160 item# 522188300
1933 Goudey Napoleon (Larry) LaJoie #106 item# 5226188308
1940 Play Ball #225 "Shoeless" Joe Jackson item# 5226188328
1948 - 49 LEAF LeRoy (Satchel) Paige item# 5226188339
1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle # 253 item# 5526188352
1959 Topps #564 Mickey Mantle All-Star item# 5526188391
1963 Pete Rose #537 RC item# 5526188410
1963 Topps # 200 Mickey Mantle item# 5226188424
1971-72 Topps Lew Alcindor Card #100 item# 5226188432
1971-72 Topps Wilt Chamberlain #70 item# 5226188452
1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle Rookie Card item# 5226191907

jimbom1234 Not the first time jim has graced out pages. Come to us with this disclaimer: "Card is ungraded and is being sold as is. No refunds will be issued on ungraded cards."
1956 Hank Aaron Topps #31 item# 5224245557

19099 This one says " This card is in good condition. I am selling this card as a reprint but, not for sure, I bought the card from a Flea Market, No one knows."
1953 Topps Mickey Mantle #82 + Lot of Extras item# 5226116638

manningrcs69 Owns a Jordan for 10 years and has not had it graded?
1986 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie #57 item# 5225811033

Seller: maniasports123 0 Feedback and this says it all "All Sales Are FINAL!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS and No REFUNDS"
Update Item Removed Seller NARUed

Michael Jordan 1986 Fleer #57 item# 5224992026

Seller: alan223344 Says his card should be graded. Really? So why doesn't he get it graded?
Update Item Removed

Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie item# 5224910924

Seller: 520mamm This warms my heart let's teach the kids to be crooks!!!!! "This is for a 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan basketball card number 57. I found a box of cards at a garage sale and gave them to my oldest son. He asked me to sell this one and told me it was worth a lot of money. So I am doing him a favor. I researched the card and found out that there are a lot of fake ones available. I have no idea how to tell what is real and what is fake." If you have no idea don't sell it!!!!!
Update Item Removed
Fleer 1986 Michael Jordan Basketball item# 5226039915

dt1289 Fresh off the press"This card is in excellent condition other than slight discoloration spot on bottom left hand corner that was created during printing."
Michael Jordan 1986 Fleer item# 5223835962

scooter8215 Update Items Removed Seller NARUedSold this 1952 Mantle it looks like to himself . Now comes back and says " DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT GRADING BUT ID SAY OH I GUESS MAYBE A 2 OR 3 ON THE GRADING SCALE."
1952 TOPPS # 311 MICKEY MANTLE item#5226002448

Seller: tonk98 Gives us this stained 52' Mantle.
1952 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE #311 item# 5225302899

Seller: trademart2004 This guy owns a gaming store but has no clue to get this card graded? Yeah okay tell me another one.
1953 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE YANKEES item# 5224956080

That's our line up for now. Please do your research and remember:

Before You Bid Arm Yourself With Knowledge!!


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