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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Update Sellers To be Concerned About

Collecting vintage cards is a very costly hobby. For most owning a 52' Mantle or a 33' Goudey Ruth will always be a dream. It doesn't mean you can not own an example of these cards. Topps introduced the Archives series in 1991. This set gave the average collector an oppourtunity to own a fine example of the 1953 Topps Set. Along those lines they also released the 54' set and in 1996 also inserted reprints of their Mickey Mantle cards including a special redemption set which did not have the familiar gold foil commemorative stamp on the cards. If it's a 33 Goudey set you'd like to have, you can actually get a very nice reprint set at your local Target store, if they don't have one in stock they carry them online and can be had for $24.99.

When it comes to vintage reprints your choices are many but even here be leary of what you are buying many people have taken to making cheap copies on with their computers and these examples will leave you disappionted at best. Buying from established dealers who specialize in this type of merchandise will save you money and make your collecting experience much more enjoyable.

As normally is out habit we bring you this weeks list of sellers to be concerned about.

Seller: p_kowalski599 Using the cheapest ploy in the world to try and sell a card "I would try to keep this to my collection but my dad just died and my mom needs some money so we can pay rent and with my dads estate there tying to take everything that belonged to my dad and steal it from me and my 3 brothers and 1 sister so please bid on it to help my family please" This is the third time they are selling this card except that this time the current scan shows no BGS case or serial number.

1986 Fleer #57 Michael Jordan BGS 9 item#5218558525

Seller: 715rachel Update Item RemovedNow trying to selling this card again after it has already been removed 2X by eBay for authenticity disclaimers. "You are bidding on a Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Card. It has four razor sharp corners. A sports card shop told me it was in fabulous condition, REAL, and that it was a condition sensitive card that books for $800 U.S. The card was my ex-boyfriends of 5 years. He has had it all his collecting life, until now! He picked it straight from the pack! I was offered $400.00 for it, so if someone can beat that it's yours! This card is not graded, so it is being sold as a reprint. All sales are final"

1986 Fleer Michael Jordan item#5218752476

Seller: arizona-agcat The usual disclaimer " This card has not been graded or authenticated by a third party grader so due to eBay listing rules this card must be sold as a reprint. Both myself and my local card dealer in Tucson have looked at this card and it appears to be indicative of the 1930's time period. " Also has made purchase from a known dealer of vintage reprints helios creed.

1933 Goudey #144 Babe Ruth item#

Seller: mkharbar (private) Private feedback and this disclaimer "On older ungraded cards, I cannot make any guarantees since I was not the original owner or the one who pulled the card from the pack. I try to be careful when I purchase cards, but I am not an authority on all cards. So when you by an ungraded card please understand it's an "AS IS" purchase. And all ungraded card sales are final."

1986-87 MICHAEL JORDAN Fleer item#5218313357

Seller: biggtimesports A Powerseller should know better, to quote"MICHAEL JORDAN 1986 86 FLEER ROOKIE RC--AUTHENTICITY NOT GUARANTEED AT ALL---PROBABLY A REPRODUCTION."
MICHAEL JORDAN 1986 FLEER item#5217548385

Seller: yazman109w3 A Jordan rookie and an autograpgh all in one. No grading on the Fleer card and no COA on the signed plaque, not to mention that Jordan is under contract with UDA for such plaques.

JORDAN 86 FLEER & Autograph item#521676914

Well that's it for now till next time be well and,

Before You Bid Arm Yourself With Knowledge !


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