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Welcome to SMACK an Auction Watch Page. This page is meant to educate and warn buyers of possibly fraudelent memorabilia auctions listed on the internet everyday. You are welcome to have us review and post auctions so that others maybe warned. If you as a seller have been mentioned please feel free to defend yourself. Disclaimer: Anything posted here is an opinion and in no way represents that what is being offered for sale is fake, just questionable. Before You Bid Arm Yourself With Knowledge !

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Update Sellers To Be Concerned About

It never ceases to amaze me how many vintage cards of Ruth, Mantle, Cobb, Koufax, etc. seem to be around. Where are these cards when the major auction houses have their auctions? Why aren't they in those auction catolgues? If you are a new collector you need to understand that these types of cards when you see them offered are probably counterfeits, if not graded by one of these reputable companies. (PSA, BGS/BVG, GAI, SGC) A little common sense goes a long way here. The real only question you need to ask yourself when looking at one of these bogus cards is, why is the seller offering a card worth in many cases tens of thousands of dollars for such a low price? Don't let the greed factor dull your senses, if it looks to good to be true 99.9% of the time it's because it's not.
With that said our weekly hunt of suspicious cardboard includes:

Seller: jimbom1234 A powerseller selling bogus cardboard? An old story but what makes this seller interesting is that he has purchased in the past, cards from tandaexpresscardshoppe one of the largest sellers of bogus vintage material we've seen in the past, who is now NARUed.
1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle item#5169851413
1968 Topps Nolan Ryan item#5206449628

Seller: valsdiscounts (1) A new seller with low feedback rating and three very large cards, and of course the usual authenticity disclaimer. "The card has not been graded by a grading company and will be sold as such. Please review the scans and judge for yourself and please bid accordingly."
Sandy Koufax Baseball Card item#5208155915
Mickey Mantle Baseball Card item#5208155892
Babe Ruth Baseball Card item#5208155869

Seller: keller 70 We have spoken of them before and in the last month they have sold over $2000 in vintage material with the same disclaimer. "The card has not been graded by any grading company and will be sold as such. Take a look at the scan and decide for yourself."
1933 Goudy Babe Ruth #181 item#5207852448
1952 Topps Mickey Mantle item#5209047407

Seller: menthol120ssmoker A card which he would not send to have graded becuase he was afraid not to get the same one back which his grandfather gave him. Yet with all that sentimental jargon he is willing to part with it.
1952 TOPPS #311 MICKEY MANTLE item#5208252932
1952 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE ROOKIE item#5209761538
1933 BABE RUTH GOUDEY CARD #181 item#5209765614
This guy just doesn't want to go away and the high bidder on his latest Mantle is hedgedbet who has also gotten cards removed.

Seller: luvkittyhello Another Mantle more autheticity disclaimers but says "A must have for any true baseball card collector. The true holy grail of collecting. The Oklahoma Kid is one to be passed down generation to generation. Nowhere else will you finad an oppourtunity like this"
1952 TOPPS Mickey Mantle item#5207541999

Seller: p-unit21 Well he bought this card becuase it looked old and it may have some value. I do believe that anyone with a pulse that has even heard of baseball has heard of Mickey Mantle. Our seller says "Today, you are bidding on a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle #311 rookie card. I got this card from an old gentleman at a garage sale 5 years ago for good amount of money thinking of having some value because the card looked real old. "
1952 52 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE item#5207710452

Seller: franz2428 Bad scan no feedback no description, just go ahead and bid.
1953 Micky Mantle Bowman item#5208509182

A special thanks to nightcrawler729, greywickedboy, and timzcardz for helping us weed out some of the bad guys. Have a great weekend everyone and remember our motto!!

Before You Bid Arm Yourself With Knowledge !


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