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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

UPDATE ALERT!!! Sellers To Be Concerned About LIST

Seller: hose4321 Glad to report that this seller has also been NARUed a little late but, better late than never. Now that I've taken a closer look I believe hose4321 and monty 7198 where the same seller. both have a location of Bainbridge, Ohio.
monty7198 As of this writing this seller has been NARUed. For those who don't know what that means, it stands for Not A Registered User. eBay pulled the plug on this fraudulent seller before he sold his bogus goods. Kudos to eBay you need to be this vigilent more often. For everyone's info seller location was Bainbridge, Ohio, just incase he shows up under another ID.
Seller: blaclabl As of this writing this seller has been NARUed. For those who don't know what that means, it stands for Not A Registered User. It is to bad it did not happen prior to the selling of a 1952 Mantle for $1800, but he had several others that where being bid on when eBay pulled the plug. A word of warning, don't surprised to see them back under another name.

Well it didn't take long for this seller to get a full head of steam on. Earlier in the week his box from an old man down the street yielded a T206 Wagner and now these.

Seller: monty7198
52 TOPPS WILLIE MAYS # 261 Item number:5170364161
53 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE # 82 Item number: 5170364861
55 BOWMAN MICKEY MANTLE #202 Item number:5170365367
56 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE #135 Item: number5170365868

Book Value for these cards not including the Wagner is better than $30,000 in the stated condition. The T206 Wagner in the stated condition adds another $110,000. A similar condition PSA PR-FR 1 with the Sweet Caporal back sold at the Mastronet auction in 2004. Not a bad box of cards from the tooth fairy. Oh excuse me, an Old Man that was moving and didn't want anything to do with 140K...........

Thanks to greywickedboy for this report:
Seller: lupegrace
Babe Ruth Goudy No 181/Hank Bauer Bowman No 219 Item number:5169344293
purchased these items from: hose4321
1/24/05 1933 BABE RUTH #181 GOUDEY Item number:5160008961
1/10/05 1950 BOWMAN #219 HANK BAUER Item number:5153913692


Before You Bid Arm Yourself With Knowledge !


At 6:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1953 Fake Mantle for sale by "jwideawake." Auction # 5180096707.


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