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Welcome to SMACK an Auction Watch Page. This page is meant to educate and warn buyers of possibly fraudelent memorabilia auctions listed on the internet everyday. You are welcome to have us review and post auctions so that others maybe warned. If you as a seller have been mentioned please feel free to defend yourself. Disclaimer: Anything posted here is an opinion and in no way represents that what is being offered for sale is fake, just questionable. Before You Bid Arm Yourself With Knowledge !

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

T206 Nap Lajoie Graded 0 by Beckett's

Here is another example of a questionable auction on eBay. Most people who enter the hobby start collecting modern era cards, be it of a favorite player or team. Eventually what happens is they learn a little and then find themselves wanting to collect vintage cards. The T206 Tobacco cards are the Rolls Royce of Vintage Cards along with the 1933 Goudey set, and the 1952 Topps set. Unfortunately these sets have been reproduced over the years and this fact gives liscense to many shady dealers to sell their junk to unsuspecting novice buyers.

In this auction 5166648717 the seller states that this card has been graded by BGS (Beckett) as 0, becuase of a pressed crease. A quick jump over to Beckett's would reveal that there is no such grade given by them. If Beckett's where to return the card as ungradeable it would be for simple reasons, the card in question is a fake or it is altered. Vintage cards are graded with creases and tears all the time, as in this example 5168458513

You be the judge, questionable?


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