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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Paperstock Cut Outs - If you buy oddball or unique vintage sports cards, READ THIS!

Paperstock cut outs are clippings from old newspapers and magazines. There are a lot of sellers putting these up for auction on eBay, and making their descriptions very deceiving. They try to make you think what you are bidding on is a very old and unique Baseball card. Many of these sellers are creating their own bogus grading companies, and putting these clippings in a slab similar to a professionally graded sports card slab. Some of these seller's are very deceiving. Be sure you know what you are buying, before shelling out some hard earned money for one of these paper stock cut outs. One of the sellers that does this a lot is paradisenights

eBay has somewhat addressed this issue, but far from enough. They have created a category for listing these paper stock cut outs in, however many sellers of these still choose to sell these in the card categories. eBay does not really police their auctions very much, if at all. They depend on someone to report the problem before they will even consider doing anything about it, and most of the time they do nothing about it. You have to do your own homework.

paradisenights is one of the sellers who has made up their own grading companies. The most deceptive of which is PSA (Paradise Sports Authentication), but another one I know of is AAA (American Authentication Association). Please do not confuse the PSA mentioned above with the real PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator), they are NOT one and the same. For more info about grading companies you can trust, and some of the ones you can't trust, see Not All 10's Are Created Equal .

I will add to this as new information is brought to my attention about these paper stock cut outs. If you know more about them, such as tell tale signs, or different ways of deception with these items, or you feel I left some very important info about them out, please let me know. I will be happy to add anything I missed, or don't know about yet. As many of you know this has been a serious problem on eBay for awhile, and needs to be brought to many new collector's attention before they are ripped off and get discouraged. We need to keep our great hobby growing, and make it safer for our fellow collector's. Any info or advice is greatly appreciated.


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