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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Vintage Reprints

I'm an avid baseball card collector. As I have reported in the past, there seems to be an influx of counterfeit baseball cards being sold on eBay. These sellers are listing them as reprints and selling them cheap. There is no authorized reprint set for these cards. So what they are doing is coping the original card and then selling it on eBay as a reprint.

I realize the seller clearly states in his listing it is a reprint, but buyers could be buying these and selling them privately as the real thing. I feel that the seller should stamp the reprint/counterfeit as such. Then encapsulate it as such. Otherwise, they should not be able to list it on eBay.

One seller that comes to mind is "erniefigures". Just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. All one day auctions with cheap encapsulated counterfeits. Their are several sellers like this one. I and others are really getting fed-up with these sellers getting away with selling these fakes. They encapsulate the card, making it difficult to open the case, and inspect the card. If you could open the card, you would find out it's just basicly thick paper. Not regular card stock paper!



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